Access control system

The all-in-one solution for a secure and safe work environment and enhance the daily operations. It is easy to regulate access control by the authorising and revocation of user access rights. Give your users access to meeting rooms and workspaces during a reservation by means of RFID/NFC carriers such as telephone or access pass. Take a look at our smart access control devices.


Unlock office door

Car park barrier

Unlock car door

Bicycle e-lock


Safety and security

By control and management of your assets and users you maintain a secure and safe environment. Through secure onboarding only users that have authorisation are granted allowance to enter buildings and office areas, and make reservations to use business assets via smartphone or access passes.

Safety and security
Smart technologies

Smart technologies

We have eliminated key management and costs by the development of our smart and automated technologies. Users have access to shared items by smartphone or access pass via the platform. Overcapacity can be rented out to other users.


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