Asset sharing

The solution to make your work environment and daily operations more efficient, productive and pleasant. With your own sharing platform users can easily reserve cars, bicycles, parking spaces, meeting rooms or other assets. A sharing platform in your corporate identity in order to create a familiar environment for your users.

Asset sharing


Asset sharing is about creating an accessible building and productive work environment for your employees and visitors and stimulating a healthy lifestyle. Create a familiar community with our platform for your users to book and reserve assets, and select recurring orders. Via QR codes users can unlock assets and report maintenance directly to the right service party. Users can pay securely and directly, use vouchers or start a subscription through an integrated payment tool.

Data insights

Receive data insights

The sharing platform records data to provide real-time insights in the use of your assets, maintenance and occupancy. As admin it allows you to allocate assets where they are needed most or generate extra income by renting your resources to third-parties. With an integrated payment tool, users can directly pay via iDeal or Creditcard or receive an invoice. By receiving the data on maintenance and services tickets, you can keep track of the quality and lifetime of your assets.

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Read about Arrange Group

Arrange Group is a facility service company. Arrange focuses on services that make the daily activities in work and personal life of their clients easier. In 2018, they launch their service application ArrangeIT on Skopei’s platform. The app is an extension to their facility services in order to simplify the work environment and daily activities of their clients.


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