Smart bicycle e-lock


Our Skopei smart bicycle e-lock…

Designed and developed in Delft for any type of bicycle and e-bike.


Any type of bicycle

Suitable for free-floating or station-based bicycle fleets. The e-lock is easily mounted on any type of bicycle or e-bike.

The e-lock is a strong lock made of hardened steel and modulair built.


The lock is empowered with high-level communication protocols and near field communication. The lock connects with 4G, NB-IoT, LTE (category M1), Bluetooth, Zigbee, Thread, CAN, and NFC (all forms).

Keyless access

The e-lock is wireless and keyless. Our lock opens with personal access card, unlock pin code or smartphone. No more trouble of exchanging and managing physical keys. The the lock provides a signal to tell you when you have locked and unlocked it properly.

Long-lasting battery

Equipped with low-power mesh networking technology and a 9000mAh battery.


The smart lock can be connected to 4G and GPS. It can located at any time and anywhere or connected to service spots at your locations.


Are you interested in your own bicycle sharing system? We offer a web and app portal, admin channel and e-locks as a total solution to start sharing your bicycle fleet today.