Free-floating and station-based bicycle sharing

A cloud-based, white-label platform to share bicycles and e-bikes. Advocate sustainable transportation methods for healthy lifestyles and green cities. A sharing platform that supports effortless sharing and helps to maintain the control of your fleet and users. The platform is focused on efficiency and user-reliance so it requires less management involvement and workload. In addition, combine your bicycles sharing platform with the Skopei e-lock to dissolve the cost and time of keys and keep track of the locations of the bicycles.

A platform to share bicycles
book and reserve bicycles

Friendly user-experience

Users can easily book and reserve bicycles. They can filter on availability, type of bicycle and locations. Via the integrated payment tool users can easily pay and receive invoices of their reservations. With our system they can report any maintenance or issue with the bicycle directly to the right service partners.


Bicycle fleet control

A new simple way to generate revenue by sharing your bicycles. The administrator has a complete management back-end. This gives you real-time data insights on the use of your bicycles, and maintenance reports disclosed. This way, you can allocate bicycles where they are needed most. If you decide to adjust the size of your fleet at a location, our system is easily accustomed.

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Optimise your bicycle fleet
Report issues via QR scan

Modular build

The platform has a modular structure so that you can adapt it to the needs and demands of your company and your users. Our ticketing maintenance module is frequently added on a bicycle sharing platform to speed up and simplify the repair and maintenance procedures. With this module, users can scan a QR code on the reserved bicycle with their smartphone to submit repairs and maintenance requests directly to the appropriate service party or department. The service ticket is thus accepted and processed faster, saving you time and costs. We are happy to advise you on which modules are applicable to your platform.


Bicycle e-lock

You can integrate your shared bicycles with the Skopei bicycle e-lock. Our reliable e-locks prevent theft and solves the trouble of exchanging keys. An integrated GPS tracking within the e-lock provides you with real-time GPS data. The procedure works fully electronic. When a user reserves a bicycle within your platform, they receive a pincode to unlock the e-lock.

Skopei’s bicycle e-lock

Read about CycleShare

CycleShare leases their bicycles and e-bikes for leisure bicycle sharing. They offer bicycle sharing for companies, holiday parks and municipalities. CycleShare has over 500 locations, with more than 20.000 bicycles in circulations. Skopei developed the software behind their cloud-based sharing platform CycleWare.


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