Car sharing

A platform for car operators, corporates and lease ventures to manage their station-based and free-floating vehicle fleets. Through sharing cars, we are solving parking crowds and receiving the benefits of responsible assets sharing. The system is developed and designed to provide the best user experience. Start boosting revenue by running a smooth car sharing platform.

Book and reserve a car
Car sharing

Excellent user-experience

Users can easily book and reserve cars nearby via a platform with your own corporate identity. They can search on filters such as type of car, location and availability. Via the integrated payment tool users can easily pay and receive invoices of their reservations. With our platform there is no fuzz on exchanging keys because the car unlocks by the smartphone that booked the reservation.


Car fleet management

A new way to scale your sharing business. The administrator has access to a complete management back-end. This back-end provides real-time vehicle data in order to gain insights to optimise your fleet. A continually decreasing rate of people are interest in vehicle ownership so if you decide to adjust the size of your fleet or locations, our system is easily accustomed.

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Fleet management

Read about Mobeazy

Mobeazy initiated their car sharing to provide their network of companies and partners with mobility sharing. Mobeazy incorporated Skopei to operate a free-floating car sharing platform. Via their own car sharing platform, they aim to reduce parking problems and create mobility possibilities for users without needing car ownership.


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