Car sharing

On average, cars stand still 90% of the time. This is a waste when we look at the monthly costs of a car. We have a greener, more sustainable and more modern solution with the smart mobility platform from Skopei. Make the transition from car owners to car sharers. With this you not only solve the parking traffic around your office building, but you also contribute to a healthier lifestyle and lower CO2 emissions. A platform for car operators, corporates and lease ventures to manage their station-based and free-floating vehicle fleets.


Admin channel

Fleet management
  • User management: control, restrict and permit users access to cars.

  • Car fleet management: real-time vehicle data in order to gain insights to optimise your fleet.

  • Your own (closed) community for sharing mobility.

  • Easy to scale.

  • Insights into payments.

  • Insights into maintenance and services requests and statuses.

  • GPS tracking.

  • Driving license validation.


Web and app portal

Book and reserve a car
  • Friendly user-experience.

  • White label platforms: look and feel, logo, email templates and colours in your style.

  • (Closed) community.

  • Easily book and reserve a car.

  • Start and unlock the car via smartphone.

  • Filter on location (nearby cars), type of vehicle, capacity and more.

  • Search on availability.

  • Integrated payment tool: users can easily pay and receive invoices.

Smart e-car lock

KastjeKabel copy (2).jpg
  • Lock and unlock the car via smartphone.

  • No physical key management or exchange and the costs thereof.

  • Linked to the cars’ spare key.

  • Installed via the OBD port of the car within a matter of minutes.

If you do not have an available car fleet, we can, in cooperation with our partner, facilitate electric and fuel sharing cars.


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Mobeazy initiated their car sharing to provide their network of companies and partners with mobility sharing. Mobeazy incorporated Skopei to operate a free-floating car sharing platform. Via their own car sharing platform, they aim to reduce parking problems and create mobility possibilities for users without needing car ownership.