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Corporate Places was inspired to find a solution that provides flexible work place and lifestyle for the CREME Netherlands - an association of corporate real estate managers housing over 1.5 million corporate professionals. Corporate Places uses the sharing platform of Skopei to offer shared office spaces and mobility. They combine the sharing of office spaces and mobility, with facility services, so they ensure a quick return on investment and continuously work on a productive and healthy work environment for their members.

Within their office sharing platform they also share mobility items and catering. Skopei incorporated the modules to create a running platform that facilitates the users’ all daily activities, from transportations, to meetings and lunches.

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Arrange Group is a facility management company initiated in 2000. Today, they have over 250 employees working on solutions in the field of Facility Management. Arrange focuses on services that make the daily activities in work and personal life of their clients easier. In 2018, they launched their service application ArrangeIT on the platform of Skopei in order to support facility tasks at operational level. The offer the platform to businesses and corporations. The platform is modulair-built so it can be expanded to the wishes of the clients.

Arrange built in the Skopei ticketing services module, catering module and asset sharing module to support their clients in the daily use of a building and around it. By deployment of the platform, Arrange IT clients have a closed community with their own users and buildings, and each community has their own customisable look and feel, logo and custom email templates.

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Urbee is network of e-bikes shared in Amsterdam. They advocate a liveable and healthy city by tackling traffic conjunction, parking problems and a healthier city by less C02 emissions. Urbee’s e-bikes are equipped with the smart e-locks and touch pads of Skopei. By our keyless e-locks, the e-bikes of Urbee are easily shared, managed and tracked. Thereby, we created an easy-to-use app and web Urbee community for users to select and rent bikes.

Since 2016, they have an ecosystem of over 1500 sharable e-bikes. Skopei is equipped to quickly distribute new e-locks as they continue to grow, and thereby keep promoting the sharing of Urbee’s e-bikes throughout Amsterdam.

Urbee has over 50 e-bikes stations in the Netherlands. They share e-bikes on their sharing platform with the objective to reduce emission and make more liveable cities. Skopei supplies the software for their reservation platform to share the e-bikes and supplies smart e-locks. No longer a physical key, the smart e-lock unlocks with a code received after booking. For all those, 80% of car rides is shorter than 20 km, the electric bicycle of Urbee is perfect for those distances.

How it works? You can reserve the bike with an app that is available for iOS and Android. If you have a chance, you get a pin code that you can unlock. The bicycle is followed to prevent theft. The platform provides a perfect maintenance state and a full battery for use. If the battery status is too low, a bicycle is removed from the reservation system. In case of a defect this can be mentioned in the app and a new bike will be assigned.

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CycleShare is the largest bicycle rental in the Netherlands. They are active leasing their bicycles and e-bikes for the leisure market as well as the business market. They offer bicycle sharing for companies, holiday parks and municipalities. CycleShare has over 500 locations, with more than 20.000 bicycles in circulations. Skopei developed the software behind their cloud-based sharing platform CycleWare.

CycleWare offers a complete solution by a fully equipped management back-end. They analyse the supply and demand by data insights provided by the platform and allocate bikes where they are needed most. The invoicing and service en maintenance also run by the Skopei software. By this, they ensure that those companies, holiday parks and municipalities can rent out bicycles to their clients, visitors and users. They also integrated the Skopei e-locks for easier sharing on location.

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Hoj operates a network of electronic bicycles in the Netherlands. Hoj is committed to providing sustainable, accessible and cost-efficient transportation for businesses. They offer bicycle sharing for corporates that are interested in shared e-bikes for employees, e-bikes for lease or private use for employees, and delivery e-bikes. They offer monthly subscriptions e-bikes standard equipped with repair and maintenance. Hoj operates by means of the Skopei platform that has their own organisation style, logo and colour. With the platform the administrator has access to a complete management system which provides them with handy data on the use of their e-bikes.

Forget about key management, Hoj uses the Skopei smart e-lock. Simply open your bike with a unique pincode. Half an hour before the reservation starts, the user receives the pincode in your digital mailbox and via a message on smartphone.

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Mobeazy initiated their car sharing to provide their network of companies and partners with mobility sharing. Mobeazy incorporated Skopei to operate a station-based car sharing platform. Via the car sharing platform, they aim to reduce parking problems and create mobility possibilities for users without needing car ownership. Via their smartphone application users can reserve, open, start the engine and lock the shared car. Mobeazy incorporated the car sharing modules so their customers can easily share and manage their fleets on a platform that has their own organisational style, colour and logo.

Through the smart unlocking systems their cars unlock and start by smartphone.



Helmstadt is a mobility sharing and services company. They run a sharing system for bicycles, scooters and cars amongst corporates, lease companies, municipalities and governments. Helmstadt unburdens themselves and their clients of fleet management and maintenance, by utilising the ticket servicing module of Skopei.

The shared use of assets can introduce problems. Therefore, Helmstadt added the service tickets to the user flow. The ticket servicing module assures that the users of the transportation items can easily report malfunctions, defects or issues with a bicycle, scooter and car via their smartphone. Users scan the QR code on the selected transport item and send in a service ticket via the platform. This ticket is send straight-through to the assigned service department. In that ticket, user can also add photos or descriptions of the required maintenance. The fleet operator is notified of the requested maintenance tickets and can keep track of the status of service. Reports and feedback to the user are also provided below.

Helmstadt added the service ticketing module as application to facilitate the process of sharing for their clients and allow users to progress independently and safe time without the fuzz of calling different departments and being redirected. It is the fastest way to send in maintenance requests and fix the transportation items.

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