Catering and banqueting

The solution that makes ordering food for business more pleasant and easier. Add the catering and banqueting module to your community so your employees and visitors can order food items and package deals. You are in charge of selecting and adding catering and banqueting items, and selecting items that are complimentary for users. Catering and banqueting as a part of facility technology create a better working environment for your employees.

Catering and banqueting


Create a pleasant user experience by adding catering and banqueting to your community. They can order food items and packages from location or extern locations and have it delivered to the office space or kantine. They can even remark orders with food specifications, such as gluten free and vegetarian diet options. Users pay their orders by direct billing and invoices.

A user-friendly platform
Management back-end

Tailor-made assortment

The catering and banqueting is easy to manage by the management back-end. You can add a tailor-made assortment to your community. With an integrated payment tools the billing of items is fully automate. Receive insights in the orders made by users to see what items are booked often and by adding more of those items boost revenue.


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