Bicycle e-lock

We developed a smart e-lock to facilitate bicycle sharing and ensure user-friendly, sustainable and cost efficiency. The wireless e-locks resolve the fuse of exchanging physical keys, safe time and money, ánd simplify booking and reservations. The user receives an access pincode by smartphone for the bicycle they booked. Simply press the code in the accompanying e-lock to unlock the bike and start your cycle tour.

Our e-locks can easily be integrated within your sharing system. Scalable and flexible.

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Combine the bicycle e-lock with our Skopei platform and users can easily reserve a bike, receive a pincode and cycle away.

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Cost efficiency

Our smart e-locks is fully automated to create a fully self-reliant consumer. By this the operational costs of key management is dissolved.

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Safe and secure

Our bicycle e-locks are equipped with GPS tracking and an internet connection. This allows you to follow the location of the bicycle and manage your fleet.

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Durable battery

The electronic locks are supplied with a durable battery. In this way we asure that the battery is weather-resistant and long-lasting.


Car park control

We developed access technology to manage a secure, controlled and mechanically operated car park. Divide your parking spaces between the different users of the property. Give your visitors access through license plate recognition to your parking location. The Skopei car barrier and intercom are fully automatic, reliable and user-friendly systems to control and record all entries and exits of vehicles in your car park. Our ticketless authorization and identification system ensures that employees, customers and visitors get easy access to the car park.

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Employees, customers and visitors can enter the car park by license plate recognition.

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The overcapacity of your car parking spaces can be rented to third parties, such as on the weekends.

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Safe and Secure

Get detailed reports on all the visitors, customers and employees who enter and leave your parking location.


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