Helmstadt is a mobility sharing and services company. They run a sharing system for bicycles, scooters and cars amongst corporates, lease companies, municipalities and governments. Helmstadt unburdens themselves and their clients of fleet management and maintenance, by utilising the ticket servicing module of Skopei.

The shared use of assets can introduce problems. Therefore, Helmstadt added the service tickets to the user flow. The ticket servicing module assures that the users of the transportation items can easily report malfunctions, defects or issues with a bicycle, scooter and car via their smartphone. Users scan the QR code on the selected transport item and send in a service ticket via the platform. This ticket is send straight-through to the assigned service department. In that ticket, user can also add photos or descriptions of the required maintenance. The fleet operator is notified of the requested maintenance tickets and can keep track of the status of service. Reports and feedback to the user are also provided below.

Helmstadt added the service ticketing module as application to facilitate the process of sharing for their clients and allow users to progress independently and safe time without the fuzz of calling different departments and being redirected. It is the fastest way to send in maintenance requests and fix the transportation items.


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