Motion sensor devices

The solution to smoothen the flow of daily operations. The motion sensors are connected with smart devices to detect moving objects, particular people. These work to automatically switch on lights, opening doors with added presence trigger, send automatic push notifications and security breaches.

Smart alarms

Smart alarms

Our motion devices work as smart alarms by sending alerts when movement is detected on non-regulated times. By means of this, you can manage a secure and safe environment.


Smooth user-experience

By the motion sensors daily activities become automated processes. The automated triggers such as lights, temperature and other equipment facilitate the users. It has never been easier to manage the working environment.

Reserve a meeting room
No motion detection

Save by non-motion

In order to manage the occupancy rate, our motion devices show when a room is occupied. With our smart technology a no-show detection can release the room from its order and back for booking on the platform. Thereby, you can safe energy daily by automatically switching-off lights, thermostats, heaters, and turning off other devices when nobody is in a space or when no one is utilising them.


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