Office space sharing

Rent out and manage office spaces and conference spaces by the sharing platform. Via the white-label platform registered users can book and reserve office spaces. The admin platform provides data insights on the reservations and the users to allocate your resources better and smoothen the daily work procedures of users.

Office space sharing
Book and reserve office spaces

Easy reservations

An easy to use platform for users to book and reserve work and conference spaces. They can filter on their work space needs such as capacity, time slots, locations and interior. The platform is accessible and flexible because it is always and everywhere connected. As users can open the office spaces doors by pincodes, access passes or smartphone, there is no fuzz with exchanging keys at a service desk.

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Visitor access control

A platform to share and manage office spaces and conference spaces. The administrator has access to a complete management system. The system provides real-time data on bookings, occupancy, and users. In this manner, you can solve vacancies problems and even generate more income by renting out vacancy spaces to other companies for asset optimisation. You also control the access of individuals or groups to office spaces by authorising and restricting access.

User management
Modulair platform for sharing and facility services


Enhance the daily operations of users and visitors by adding modules. The platform has a modular structure so that you can adapt it to the needs and demands of your company and your users. We offer access control, visitor onboarding, motion detection devices, ticket servicing and catering. Daily work activities become smooth procedures in favor of boosting revenue and increasing security and safety within your sharing community. We are happy to advise you on which modules are applicable to your platform.


Read about Corporate Places

Corporate Places was inspired to find a solution that provides flexible work place and lifestyle for the CREME Netherlands. Corporate Places uses the sharing platform of Skopei to offer shared office spaces and mobility, and provide facility services, to ensure a quick return on investment and continuously work on a productive and healthy work environment for their members.


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