Share parking spaces

A white-label platform to share spaces within your car park to streamline daily parking and solve parking problems. The platform supports visitors and users to easily book and reserve parking spaces to assure a space. A new way to generate more revenue by renting out overcapacity to third party, for example on weekends. In addition, integrate our car park barrier and intercom to control the entrance to your car park and allow automated drive-ins by license plate recognition.

Share parking spaces

License plate registration

The procedure of finding a parking space is simplified by a booking and reservation platform. Users can easily reserve a parking space for themselves and for their visitors. For third party reservations, the system has integrated an easy payment tool via iDeal, Creditcard or invoice.

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Parking entrance control

Parking entrance control

A new simple way to generate revenue by sharing your parking spaces. The administrator gets access to a complete management system. This system gives you the necessary insights of use and parking needs. This allows you to analyze the occupancy and possibly generate additional revenue by renting parking spaces to third parties. With the platform you can easily manage who can reserve parking spaces and access the car park.


Car barrier and intercom system

A safe and secure environment through entrance regulation by integrating our car barrier and intercom system. Our electronic car barrier and intercom system has integrated wireless vehicle detection technology. Register license plates to enter the parking location on license plate recognition.


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