Share parking spaces

A white-label platform to share spaces within your car park to streamline daily parking and solve parking problems.


Admin channel

  • Admin channel for the control of traffic in the parking lot / garage.

  • User access permission and restrictions by license plate recognition (temporarily or permanently).

  • Real-time data insights of the parking traffic.

  • Generate more revenue by renting out overcapacity to third party.

  • Full solution by the car park barrier and intercom.


App and Web portal

Share parking spaces
  • Supports users (and visitors) to easily book and reserve parking spaces to assure a space.

  • Reserve a parking space for their visitors.

  • The system has integrated an easy payment tool via iDeal, Creditcard or invoice.

  • Send automatic alert to user when visitor has arrived.


Smart entrance control

Parking entrance control
  • Car barrier and intercom system, fully automatic.

  • A safe and secure environment through entrance regulation.

  • Integrated wireless vehicle detection technology.

  • Register license plates to enter the parking location on license plate recognition (temporarily or permanently).


Interested in sharing your parking lot / garage?

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