Scooter and motor sharing

The complete solution you need to start your scooter or motor sharing fleet. We offer a sharing app and web platform, a smart e-lock and unlock system and an admin channel to manage your scooter and motor fleet. Provide users of your platform with an easy and fun way of driving short distances without the obligations of vehicle ownership.


Admin channel


Start to scale your sharing business by full-stack fleet management. The administrator has access to a complete management channel. This provides real-time vehicle data to keep track of where the scooters or motors are at all time. By using this data you can allocate the vehicles where they are used most to generate more reservations.
You also keep track of their maintenance and defects through the integrated service tickets that are automatically send to the right service party and reported to you.
An integrated payment tool helps you keep track of payment statuses of the reservations.


App and Web portal

Scooter sharing
  • On the platform users can locate, reserve and start a reservation via smartphone.

  • Filter on scooters / motors on location nearby.

  • Users can lock and unlock the scooter or motor by the app.

  • As the vehicle is used the users obtain drive statistics to track their rides and locations.

  • Users can also directly send maintenance and reparation requests to the assigned service department.

  • The payment of the reservation is electronically send via invoice, subscription, direct billing or Creditcard.

  • A simpler, quicker and carefree way of traveling.


Smart motor and scooters locks

  • Lock and unlock the motor / scooter via smartphone.

  • No physical key management or exchange and the costs thereof.

  • Linked to the spare key.

  • Installed via the OBD port of the scooter / motor within a matter of minutes.

In collaboration with our partners, we can provide (e)scooters and (e)motors.


Are you interested to share your scooters or/and motors?

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