Skopei platform

In 2014, Skopei developed a SaaS sharing platform for mobility and office sharing, and to simplify workplace management. We are moving more and more towards an economy of collaborative consumption. This means we do more with less. Sharing your assets via Skopei presents numerous of financial, social and ecological benefits.
The Skopei platform combines software and hardware to facilitate and automate the procedures of sharing, and to simplify daily operations in the workplace. It allows you to increase revenue by renting out underused assets, provide healthier ways of transportation for users and commit to a more sustainable environment. The platform is suitable for large and small corporations and operators, public sectors, and buildings with multi-tenants.
As admin of your platform you gain access to a complete management back-end of your operation and users. By this, you have an overview of the activities on your platform and control how and what is being shared.
Skopei helps you manage, control and secure your assets, and simplify your daily activities and workload. Run a smooth sharing platform and simplify great workplace management with Skopei.


Control. A platform that is secure and safe with access and user control. You can authorise or restrict individuals and groups access.


Billing. A platform with integrated payment tool for direct billing, invoices, subscriptions and vouchers. You receive insights in the cost carriers.



A platform that is easily adjusted in size or scale when your operation grows. You can easily increase assets to the platform.


Insights. A platform that collects real-time data to get insights in occupancy rate of resources to improve efficiency. You can generate extra income by renting out unoccupied assets to third parties.

User experience. A white-label platform with customisable modules to make it comfortable and recognisable for users. For the consumer it is easy to reserve rooms, services, bicycles, cars or other assets and their daily activities are simplified by the workplace services.



The platform has a modular structure so that you can adapt it to the needs and demands of your company and your users. We have developed various modules to speed up and simplify all activities on the workfloor. We are happy to advise you on which modules are applicable to your platform.

A modular structured platform for sharing and facility services

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The platform is customisable to the needs and demands of your company and your users, and it is equipped with a structured management back-end. We are happy to advise you on the possibilities for your platform. Get in touch!