Ticket servicing

The solution for an efficient and productive maintenance system. The process of ticket servicing is a complete automated way of sending in item issues directly to the relevant service party. You receive insights in the cost carriers, requested maintenance and required service updates of items. It was never easier for users to report maintenance and proceed work than by means of the straight through processing. Easily integrated module within current facility software.

Report a problem

User efficiency

Users report faults to the right department via their smartphone. By scanning the QR code added to the item and attaching information by images and comments, the ticket service is directly processed to the relevant party. In order to enhance productivity, users can check the status updates of their items. By their ticket service they can check if their report has been assigned, planned and resolved.

Report problem with QR code
Insights into maintenance

Insights into maintenance

Maintenance and services advances the productivity by straight through processing through automatic communication. It provides management with insights into the tickets send in by users and their statuses.


Read about Helmstadt

Helmstadt runs a mobility sharing and services company. They run a sharing platform for bicycles, scooters and cars amongst corporates, lease companies, municipalities and governments. By utilising the ticket servicing module of Skopei, Helmstadt unburdens themselves and their clients of fleet management and maintenance.


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