Our vision

Skopei designs and develops innovative sharing and facility technology. We believe in the power of sharing. More with less. In 2014, we developed our SaaS platform for sharing mobility and flexible office spaces. The interface between mobility and real estate is very interesting. There is much to be gained in this area. More free time thanks to less travel time, fewer emissions and costs due to optimised travel plans. We at Skopei believe in shared use of resources and services, so that an optimum match can always be made.

We built a modulair platform that is first and foremost user-friendly. The administrators maintains control of their assets and users by the provided management back-end. We want to make it as comfortable and easy to manage your sharing platform. This is why we keep exploring new grounds of sharing and facility technologies that contribute to a self-reliant user. Think of the smartphone as your key to open cars, bicycles, office rooms, but also as smart alarm by motion detection and access control device. By combining the latest trends in design and technology, Skopei shapes the technology of the future and helps companies facilitate a future-proof workplace. A workplace that is efficient and effective, with minimal footprint, great flexibility and above all a pleasant experience.

Over the years at Skopei we have constantly enhanced our skills as a team. With over ten years of experience, we are determined to keep developing innovative technologies that facilitate the sharing economy of the future.


Job opportunities

Interested in working for Skopei? We have vacancies waiting for you!