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Car sharing from A to Z with Alphabet

Alphabet Share, the business car-sharing concept of Alphabet Netherlands, utilizes our all-in-one car-sharing system: a combination of hardware and software for managing, sharing, and renting vehicles for both small and large fleets.

Applied Skopei solution: Car Sharing System & Topology

Digital Bike Lock for NS Public Transport Bikes

The Dutch Railways uses the Skopei Smart Bike Lock. With the use of the smart lock, renting NS Public Transport Bikes is a lot more user-friendly and flexible. With a valid bicycle subscription, the lock can be opened with an OV chip card. The lock stores the subscription data of the presented OV chip card during the reservation, so that the lock can be opened and closed with the card during the reservation period. When the bicycle is returned and locked at an NS location, the reservation will be terminated and the OV chip card will be deregistered again.

Applied Skopei solution: Smart Bike Lock

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"In Skopei, we have had the ideal partner for our car-sharing proposition since the end of 2022. The fleet of shared cars has been growing again since the new partnership with Skopei. Hopefully, we can continue this upward trend!"

Jasper Maijers

Productmanager Alphabet

Commercial vehicle rental with BUSY

Beautiful example of smart rental via our sharing platform Topology! Recently, Liberty Rent (Car Rental) started offering BUSY®, a new car-sharing service integrated with Topology. Reserving and using works entirely via our app. You can start very easily, via the window sticker or via the offer in the app. Renting this 7m³ van has never been easier with this smart collaboration.

Applied Skopei solution: Car Sharing System & Topology

Brivec's shared bikes at business centres

Brivec, property manager of Businesscenter.nl, has chosen Skopei's electronic bicycle locks because the product fits optimally with Brivec's strategy of unmanned office locations. The integration of smart bike locks with Brivec's systems ensures that renters can continue to use their existing tags, and no need to transfer keys. This allows quick and easy use of a shared bike.

Applied Skopei solution: Smart Bike Lock

Zonnebloem Bliekenbike

The Zonnebloem Bliekenbike is an electric duo bike offered by National Association de Zonnebloem to the residents of Gorinchem and interested parties from the region who like to cycle but can no longer do so independently. Equipped with the Skopei Smart Bike Lock and our reservation system, with which De Zonnebloem-Bliekenbike can be booked via our Topology app and unlocked without a key at the Syndion Gorinchem location.

Applied Skopei solution: Smart Bike Lock & Topology

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