Digitizing business car rental for rental companies

Digitize business car rental and optimize the setup and utilization of your rental fleet with the Skopei Vehicle Sharing Box and Skopei Trackers.

What does a rental company need to digitize business car rental?

Everything you need to digitize business car rental is a Skopei Vehicle Sharing Box or a Skopei Tracker, and a rental account for our Topology software.

Vehicle Sharing Box
De hardware van het Skopei Autodeelsysteem bestaat uit de in-house ontwikkelde Vehicle Sharing Box. De Vehicle Sharing box is, in combinatie met onze software, de hardware die je nodigt hebt voor het digitaal verhuren van auto’s met sleutelloze ontgrendeling op afstand.

With Skopei Trackers, you receive real-time information about the usage and/or location of your cars. Depending on the type of Tracker, you may also receive a fiscally compliant trip registration on top of that! 

In combination with our Topology software and app, users can unlock cars without the need for keys, while administrators have access to their own online management portal to manage the number of cars offered in total. 

Zakelijke autoverhuur digitaliseren
Hoe werkt het digitaliseren van zakelijke autoverhuur

How does the digitization of business car rental work using our Topology software?

Equip your rental fleet with the Vehicle Sharing Box or Skopei Trackers. This allows every car to be accessed without keys through Topology. Users can easily book cars via the Topology platform and rent a car 24/7. Naturally, you have control over user conditions, availability, and pricing models.

Every renter pays for the use of the car through the Topology platform. Every half or full month, Skopei collects the outstanding rental amounts from your tenants and then deposits them into your account. Skopei does not charge a commission on rental revenue; instead, you pay us a transaction fee of only €0.45 per collection.

Curious about the technical specifications of the Skopei Vehicle Sharing Box or Skopei Trackers? Download the [product specifications](/specifications) of our Car Sharing System.

Digital business car rental in practice

Your offering can be publicly available, allowing any user on the Topology platform to rent a car from you. Simultaneously, you also have the option to grant access to a specific group of users to your offering. This way, you maintain control over users and vehicles. A renter easily reserves a car, accepts the rental conditions (including costs), and goes through a step-by-step process in which the renter inspects the car. Only after the renter's approval, the digital key is released in the app, allowing the renter to unlock and start the car. The trips made by the renter are automatically added to the renter's trip overview.

Through the Topology admin panel, you have insight into your entire fleet. You can see on the map where vehicles are located, and the reservation overview shows exactly which renters have used a vehicle. The service ticket overview provides a quick glance at which vehicles have defects, damages, or other notifications. Depending on the type of notification, the respective vehicle may be taken out of availability until the issue is resolved. The financial overview also provides real-time insight into rental income and collections from renters.

For the use of the Topology platform for rental, you need a Rental account. The costs for this start at €120 per month. Additionally, for each car, you pay a fee of €35 per month for the use of the Vehicle Sharing Box. If you only want to use a Tracker, the cost is €9 per month.

Zakelijke autoverhuur digitaliseren in de praktijk

Commercial vehicle rental with BUSY

Recently, Liberty Rent (Car Rental) has introduced BUSY®, a new carsharing service integrated with Topology. Reserving and using it is entirely done through our app. 

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