Manage office spaces and workplaces digitally

Managing office spaces and workplaces digitally as a real estate manager and optimizing the occupancy rates of properties? It's possible with our digital door lock featuring keyless unlocking.

What you need as a real estate manager for digitally managing office spaces and workplaces?

Forget complex key plans designed to accommodate tenants based on current capacity needs. Smart Door Locks combined with Topology offer you flexibility, speed, and ease of use. For both the administrator and your tenants. Provide tenants with access to the spaces allocated to them under the lease and let them decide which employees have access. This saves the administrator time and provides your tenant with ultimate convenience.

Kantoorruimtes en werkplekken digital beheren in de praktijk met ons slimme digitale deurslot

How does digitally managing office spaces work for real estate managers using our Topology software?

Once the locks are installed, they are accessible in the Topology Admin Panel. There, you assign administrative rights for the desired locks to your tenants. This can be one tenant per lock or multiple tenants. Tenants can only grant access rights to their employees and users. You have the ability to change access rights at any time.

Interested in the features of our Smart Door Locks? Download the productbrochure of our smart door locks.

Managing office spaces and workplaces digitally with our door locks in practice

Through the clear management panel, you have an overview of assigned user rights and lock status at a glance. This provides you with real-time insights, such as the battery level of the lock.

Our smart access management system is part of the Topology Platform. Therefore, you only pay a fixed amount per month for the use of the software, starting from €200 per month. Additionally, you pay a license fee per connected lock. Tenants can use Topology for free. They have management rights but cannot add locks to their environment.

Kantoorruimtes en werkplekken digital beheren in de praktijk

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