Business car sharing as a fleet manager

Als wagenparkbeheerder zakelijk autodelen inregelen voor jouw organisatie? Jouw deelauto’s of smart poolcars efficiënter inzetten en duurzame mobiliteit stimuleren onder gebruikers? Het kan met het Autodeelsysteem van Skopei.

What do you need as a fleet manager for business car sharing?

All you need to start sharing your fleet of shared cars or smart pool cars is the Skopei Car Sharing System, consisting of a Skopei Vehicle Sharing Box and our software Topology. Create a business account, grant access to users with their own accounts so they can book the cars, and start car sharing.

Vehicle Sharing Box
The hardware of the Skopei Car Sharing System consists of the in-house developed Vehicle Sharing Box. The Vehicle Sharing Box, in combination with our software, is the hardware you need for the sharing and management of cars with keyless remote unlocking.

In combination with our Topology software and app, users can unlock cars without the need for keys, while organizations can manage the entire fleet in their own online management portal.

Zakelijk auto delen als wagenparkbeheerder
Hoe werkt het zakelijk auto delen als wagenparkbeheerder?

How does business car sharing work using our Topology software?

"Equip your existing or new passenger cars or commercial vehicles with our Vehicle Sharing Box. This enables you to make your vehicles shareable through the Topology app. Every driven trip is automatically logged for the user, creating a watertight trip registration. Determine which of your employees can use which vehicles. Do you also allow private use? That's simply a setting in the backend. Private use is invoiced based on your configured pricing model and will be directly charged to the user. This way, you keep the use of the fleet transparent and under control."

Business car sharing in practice

Every user granted access by the administrator can reserve a car. At the start of the reservation, the user goes through a step-by-step process and ultimately unlocks the car without keys using the slider! Each trip made is automatically linked to the user's reservation, ensuring that only the user can view their own trips.

Through the Topology admin panel, you have insight into the entire vehicle fleet. Using the map view, you can see the current locations of the vehicles, and the reservation overview provides detailed information on which users have used a particular vehicle. Granting access to the vehicles is easily done through user groups in Topology. The service ticket overview allows you to quickly identify vehicles with defects, damage, or other issues. Depending on the nature of the report, the respective vehicle is temporarily taken out of availability until the issue is resolved and the report is closed.

To use the Topology platform, a business account is required. The costs start at €60 per month. Does your organization already have a Topology business account? Ensure that there are available slots within this account. After that, you only pay per Vehicle Sharing Box or Tracker that you add.

Zakelijk auto delen als wagenparkbeheerder in de praktijk

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