Digitizing bicycle rental for bicycle rental companies

Digitize bicycle rental and optimize the setup and deployment of your rental fleet? It's possible with the digital bike locks featuring keyless unlocking from Skopei.

Digitize bike rental with a digital bike lock from Skopei

Peak times and opening hours are always challenges for bicycle rental businesses. With Skopei Smart Bike Lock linked to Topology You can easily set up unmanned bike rental linked to the management platform, suitable for smaller rental locations like hotels and apartment complexes. Through the management platform, you have real-time insights into usage and finances. Customers can search, reserve, and pay for the bike through the Topology platform, receiving a digital key to unlock the bike lock.

Fietsverhuur digitaliseren met een digitaal fietsslot van Skopei

How does the digitization of business bike rental work using our Topology software?

Your offering can be publicly available, allowing any user of the Topology platform to rent a bike from you. However, you also have the option to grant access only to a specific group of users. This way, you maintain control over both users and bikes.

A renter easily reserves a bike, accepts the rental terms (including the costs), and goes through a step-by-step process in which the bike is inspected by the renter. Only after the renter's approval, the digital key is released in the app, allowing the renter to unlock and start the bike lock.

Interested in the technical specifications of our Smart Bike Locks? Download the productspecifications of our smart bike locks.

Digital bike rental in practice

Through the Topology admin panel, you have real-time insights into the location of your bikes, active reservations, payments, and service tickets. Topology collects outstanding invoices from users every half and full month and then deposits them into your chosen bank account. This allows you to fully focus on the marketing and daily operations of your rental business.

Skopei does not charge a commission on your rental revenues but instead charges a fixed fee per month for the use of the Topology platform. This price depends on the number of bikes (or other items) you offer through Topology. A Smart Bike Lock can be purchased starting from €229 each, and you pay a service fee ranging from €4 to €7 per month.

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