Digital trailer rental for trailer rental companies

Setting up digital trailer rental and optimizing your rental fleet? It's possible with Skopei's digital trailer locks featuring keyless unlocking.

Digital trailer rental with a digital trailer lock from Skopei

Forget the times when you had to stand in line at the hardware store or gas station to rent a trailer. With the Skopei Smart Trailer Lock renting is unmanned and fully taken care of. Install the digital trailer lock on the trailer and register it in the Topology platform. Once you have entered the rental rates, availability, characteristics, and photos, the trailer is ready for rental!

Hoe werkt digitale trailerverhuur?

How does digital trailer rental work using our Topology software?

A user searches for a trailer via the Topology App, selects the rental time window, and pays through the app. Topology processes the payments and transfers the earnings to you. This allows you to fully focus on marketing and the operational availability of the trailer.

Interested in the technical specifications of our Smart Trailer Lock? Download the productspecifications of our smart trailer locks.

Digital trailer lock in practice

Through the Topology Admin Panel, you have real-time insights into the status of the trailer. Rentals, revenue, and locations are visible through our dashboards.

A Smart Trailer Lock is available from €429, and a subscription is €12 per month. You also need a Topology Organization Subscription, available from €60 per month.

Digitale trailerverhuur in de praktijk

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