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Our mission is to help businesses share their mobility and workspaces more intelligently, enabling them to work more efficiently and sustainably. We offer a wide range of solutions for managing, sharing, and renting bicycles, cars, trailers, and workspaces. Learn more about Skopei or contact us directly."

Beheren, delen & verhuren

Skopei gelooft dat geluk gelijkstaat aan vrijheid. Vrijheid voor organisaties en gebruikers om zich te kunnen begeven in een schone en leefbare wereld, door samen deelmobiliteit en werkplekken te gebruiken.

To achieve this, Skopei offers an all-in-one solution consisting of smart hardware and software. This solution makes it possible to share, manage, and rent cars, bicycles, trailers, and workspaces. Flexible, efficient, and cost-saving!

With our solution, organizations are completely free to determine how they structure and deploy their offerings. This saves time on administrative tasks and ensures greater efficiency.

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In-house development and production

Wij geloven in de kracht van technologie om bedrijven te helpen hun mobiliteit efficiënter en duurzamer te beheren. Om snel en voortdurend in te spelen op behoeften, produceren we lokaal in Nederland met eigen assemblage- en ontwikkelingsteams. Dit resulteert in korte lijnen en een snel, kwalitatief resultaat

In-house ontwikkeling bij Skopei

Work at Skopei

For years, Skopei has been dedicated to smart technology to create a pleasant and sustainable living and working environment. Transforming with less travel time and lower emissions to preserve our planet and living spaces. Offering services for smart living, smart working, and smart mobility.

Since 2009, Skopei has been developing and designing innovative software and hardware for the sharing of mobility and workspaces. Since then, we have made rapid progress in the fields of technology, connectivity, and data analysis. We achieve this together with passionate colleagues. Interested in working at Skopei? Explore our job vacancies.

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